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Studio Tecnico Navale "Navaldesign" is a Naval Architects - Marine Engineers Studio
located in Mazara del Vallo - Trapani - Italy. Our town has the greatest fishing fleet in
Italy, counting almost 500 fishing boats with aprox. 240 of them being in the 22 - 45 mt
Loa range. Three shipyards are currently located in our town and two more are situated
in the Trapani general area. Four of them are dedicated in the construction and repair
of fishing vessels up to 45 - 50 mt. , one is capable of building fishing ships, pontoons
and passenger ships up to 65 mt and one has the possibility of building and dry docking
ships up to 120 mt. Constructions are mainly in steel and aluminium but in the last year
4 GRP fishing vessels have been setup, with delivery estimated aprox. on June 2005.
Mazara del Vallo is on the south coast of Sicily thus being in the center of the
Mediterranen Sea so many of our constructions are commited by Algerian, Tunisian
and Libyan owners.

Navaldesign is capable of setting up projects for fishing vessels, supply vessels, tugs,
small ferries, marine research vessels, pilot boats, rescue boats, cats, pontoons, and
generally speaking, workboats of any kind up to 80 m Loa. We currently have 6 projects
of ours under construction in four shipyards, both in steel and GRP. Furthermore we are
at the moment completing a project for a small sport fisherman charter boat, a
relatively new for Sicily, field of economic activity.

Some of our services: Hull modelling and fairing, Power prediction, Scantlings, Nesting,
Cost estimation, Time scheduling, Machinery arrangement, Systems design, Stability
Tests and Reports, Shipyard coordination, Design approval, Project management. Our
leading position in the Sicilian workboat market and our close relationship with the
above shipyards allows us to provide not only project services but also global product
supply: design, project, construction, finished vessel delivery, all in a single contract.

For any further information email us: info@navaldesign.it
or call: 0039 347 9919109